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Best 10 American Hockey Players 2023 In NHL

There has been a gradual hike in the number of American hockey players over the last three decades. Today, about 28% of players in the NHL are Americans. This number compared to 2% in the 1970s tells you a lot. 

Some of the best Americans in the NHL in recent years include Patrick Kane, Austin Matthews, Kyle Connor, John Gibson, and others. 

These players’ careers are a testament to the talent of American hockey players. In today’s post, we will discuss the top 10 American hockey players in the NHL. 

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Want to know some of the best American hockey players? Read this article till the end. 

1.  Auston Matthews

Drafted by Toronto Maple Leaf in 2016, Austin has shown to be a great addition to his team, along with being one of America’s best players in the NHL. The top center also has a good goal-scoring ability, and it was evident at the start of his time with the Toronto Maple Leaf. 

So far in the 2021/22 season, the 24-year-old has 60 goals. Toronto would be looking to end their long wait for a Stanley cup dating back to 1967, and Auston could be a key player for the side. 

2. Kyle Connor

Aside from a brief spell in 2016 with Manitoba, Kyle has been with Winnipeg Jets since the 2016/17 NHL season. And the 25-year-old has developed into one of the finest American goal scorers in the League. 

He is mostly underrated mostly because he plays for the Jets and most of his medals came during his younger age. However, there is no doubt about the ability of Kyle Connor. So, he makes up among the best American hockey players in the NHL. 

3. Blake Wheeler

Another Jets player who has a lot of ability. Blake is a good hockey player, especially when he has the puck. The American is an excellent passer of the puck, driving through traffic and finding a teammate with his vision. Not many would fancy him because he plays for the Winnipeg jets, but his undeniable skill speaks for itself. 

4. Johnny Gaudreau

The 28-year-old American hockey star has been one of the most consistent Calgary Flames players for the last 8 years. Johnny is also an incredible forward for the US team and has a few medals to boast. 

The 2021/22 season has seen the player rack up to 40 goals, an individual milestone. It would be quite interesting to see how he would fare in the next few years. 

5. John Gibson

The first goalie on our list is John Gibson. Although the limelight mostly goes to other positions like the offensive players, Gibson has made a difference. It is no surprise that the goaltender is one of the best American hockey players. His abilities are there to see. 

However, playing for a side like the Ducks could limit a talent like Gibson. But the star has stood out with exceptional positional and general goaltending skills. He is an incredible asset for team USA. 

6. Brock Boeser

Another name worth mentioning is Brocks, who plays for Vancouver Canucks. The forward has been scoring goals since Vancouver drafted him in 2015. His shooting ability and quick release are among the best compared to other American talents in the NHL. So, it is no surprise he is on this list. 

7. Matthew Tkachuk

Matthew comes from a family of hockey players. His father, Keith Tkachuk, was among the top American hockey players, and Matthew’s brother, Brady, currently plays for Ottawa Senators. The 24-year-old forward is not only a good goal scorer but also great at defending. 

The Calgary Flames star is in the best goal-scoring form of his career in the NHL. And his consistency over the last five to six years is commendable. 

8. Patrick Kane

The 33-year-old forward has had a long and blissful career in the NHL with many goals and trophies. Playing for Chicago Blackhawks, the American hockey star has won the Stanley Cup three times alongside other medals with Team USA. 

In addition to his silverware, Patrick is also a prolific goal scorer with over 400 goals in his lengthy career so far. He would surely go down as one of Chicago’s best players. 

9. Joe Pavelski

Joe Pavelski is another great American hockey player. He has played for several NHL teams in his long career. But his time at San Jose Sharks would be notable even though his silverware came in teams from the AHL. Joe spent many years with the San Jose Sharks and scored many goals. 

Currently playing for Dallas stars, the 37-year-old is still scoring goals. Although on the wrong side of age, Pavelski is certainly one of the best American hockey players. 

10 J.T Miller

Miller, 28, who plays for the Vancouver Canucks is another prolific American hockey forward. And he has also had blissful spells at other NHL teams in the past, including New York Rangers. The player is also currently having his best goal-scoring season in the NHL with the Vancouver canucks. 

So, that’s a wrap on the 10 best American players in the NHL. These names are top American talents playing Hockey. However, there are other names worth mentioning that are not on this list. And I will mention them below; 

Honorable Mention; Jack Eichel, John Carlson, Jason Robertson, and Adam Fox. 

If you think other names should be mentioned, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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