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Top 5 Most Boring Teams In The NHL 2023

If you are new to hockey, knowing the best and most entertaining teams to watch can be tricky. There are a lot of exciting teams in hockey as they are boring teams. So, if you have to pick a season ticket, there are some teams you should avoid. This begs the question, what are the top five boring teams in the NHL?

Boring teams in the NHL are sides that take a more defensive approach to a game. These teams usually also lack offensive power and general team strength. The worst teams in the NHL are St. Louis Blues, NY Islanders, Arizona Coyotes, New Jersey Devils, and Florida panthers. 

Today, we will talk about some of the boring teams in the NHL. 

What Makes An NHL Team Boring?

NHL teams could be successful and yet boring. The level of achievements of a hockey side does not make them exciting. What determines if a team is boring or not is mostly their style of play. There are a few teams that play boring games through defensive and tight styles and win with this approach. 

List of the Top 5 Boring Teams In The NHL

So, let’s quickly dive into some of the most boring teams to watch in the NHL. 

1. St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues is not just one of the boring teams in the league; they are also one of the most hated among fans. From their players to their fans, watching St. Louis play is likely not fun. Their players are very physical and have unsportsmanlike attitudes. 

To add to that, the team has not won the Stanley cup. Making their unexciting brand of play not even worthwhile. So, if you are looking to watch a good hockey game, you don’t want to go to a St. Louis game.

2. NY Islanders

Although the NY Islanders are pretty successful, their game brand would not excite most fans. Their style of play is what helps them to win games. The NY Islanders prefer to stay tight and adopt a defending approach to most games. That is why they mostly win their games with a low margin. 

However, the difference between this team and others is that it brings results. But it could also be boring to watch for the fans looking for more goals and excitement. Most fans would enjoy watching a game full of goals rather than a 2-1 win in the playoffs. 

3. Arizona Coyotes

Coyotes is another team that has seen success with their mediocre style of play. Their approach has also dented the chances of them attracting good players. Although they would win games, the Coyotes do not define what an exciting hockey game brings. 

One of the major reasons for their drab approach to games is the Coyotes’ failure to get good offensive players. So, this team takes a highly defensive approach and tries to use their rare chances. Not what a hockey enthusiast would want to spend 60 minutes or more watching. 

4. New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils are the founders of a ‘boring hockey game.’ They have been playing and winning games with a defensive approach since the 1990s, winning the Stanley Cup. 

This team plays with a tight and defensive style and capitalizes on their opponent’s mistakes. They mostly win through counter-attacks and power play or low-scoring margin. It may guarantee a win for the team, but it is not the most entertaining for the fans. 

Do you want to watch an entertaining hockey game? New Jersey is surely not on your list. 

5. Florida Panthers

Aside from the exciting style of play, what makes a hockey game and other sports interesting is the atmosphere and the fans. The Florida Panthers lack both at the moment. The team had potential at the beginning of its existence and even went as far as winning the Stanley cup. They have since lost their spirit. 

The team struggles to get many fans to watch home games, and Florida Panther has become an average side. For this reason, no hockey enthusiast would want to be in a Florida Panther’s match. What is the joy of a game if the atmosphere is not positive? No one wants to watch a boring game, and this team is likely to give that. 


Hockey games are known to be high-energy and entertaining. Teams with the best offensive players always have the most exciting games. On the other side, a lot of teams take a more defensive approach, and this could be boring to watch. 

So, If you have to pick a season ticket, you should pick some of the best teams in the NHL. 

I believe you know the five most boring teams in the NHL and what to expect from them.

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