Does Canada Have a Green Card Lottery?

Does Canada Have a Green Card Lottery?

While some countries do have a ‘Green Card’ lottery, Canada is not one of them. We at often receive questions as to whether or not someone can enter Canada on the basis of a Green Card lottery. Unfortunately, we must tell those people that there is no such thing as a Canadian Green Card Lottery.

What is a Green Card Lottery?

In the United States of America, there are two ways for immigrants to obtain permanent residence status. The first way is through family sponsorship and the second more popular method of obtaining permanent residence status in the US is by winning one of many annual Green Card lotteries.

Green Card Lotteries are not based on merit. Anyone who meets the basic criteria for the lottery is able to apply, regardless of their education, skills, or work experience. Many people from developing countries have won a Green Card in the US through a Green Card lottery and moved to the United States of America. This has been great news for those lucky winners as they have all been able to achieve permanent residence status in the US and live there permanently.

Is There a Canadian Green Card Lottery?

Unfortunately, Canada is not one of those countries that offer such a lottery. What makes it even more difficult for those looking to immigrate to Canada is that we do not accept too many immigrants on the basis of work skills or education – only the lucky ones who happen to be related to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents can apply for citizenship and move here. That means everyone else must go through the standard immigration process and submit an application for permanent residence (or ‘landing’ as we often call it).


When Can I Enter Canada On A Green Card Lottery?

Every year, millions of people around the world enter various Green Card lotteries in the hopes of winning a chance to move to the USA. Even though they are all hoping for that one in a million shot at becoming an American citizen, it is still very exciting when someone wins. Unfortunately, even if you win a Green Card in Canada or any other country outside of the US, you will not be able to immigrate here permanently.

What about Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs?

While our Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) do allow us to nominate some individuals who meet certain criteria and can contribute to Canada’s economy, they also have strict guidelines. Only specific applicants who meet requirements set by each province can apply for a PNP and immigrate. Even if someone has a job offer from a Canadian company or their spouse has job offers, it is not enough to qualify them for the Provincial Nominee Program.

How Can I Immigrate to Canada?

The only way that you can immigrate to Canada without having any relatives here or being sponsored by anyone who lives in Canada is through our Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). This program requires applicants to have certain qualifications, including language skills and work experience in certain occupations. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is extremely competitive and requires applicants to prove that they would benefit Canada’s economy by coming here.

The bottom line:

Even though you may not be eligible for the FSWP or any other programs we offer at, we can still help you come to Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker or as an international student. With our knowledge of Canadian immigration law, you will have a better chance of getting the visa or permit that best meets your needs!

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