Miss Alabama beauty contest

Winner of Miss Alabama beauty contest claps back at trolls who mocked her

Plus-sized model and Miss Alabama beauty contest winner, Sarah Milliken, has responded to trolls who called her an “unhealthy embarrassment.”

Despite her joy over her recent victories, Sarah criticized those who mocked her appearance, saying that negative comments can deeply affect people.

She emphasized that such harsh words could drive those who aren’t as strong to dark things.

Speaking to the WKRG, she said: “Even something that you type over a screen can have a lasting impression on people.

“Even though I’m not at that point, it can lead people to do some very dark things to themselves.

“I’ll be honest, it got to me for about five minutes, Their words can hurt, even if it is online.

“I’ve always wanted to spread positivity, and this kind of put me in a position to do exactly that.”

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