Histoky.com was started to help African immigrants who wish to work, study or tour in foreign countries. We hope to educate them about what’s necessary to travel and live in other countries with this platform.

We mostly provide information on how an immigrant can get a visa or permit for Canada, Australia and America (US). We also train people how to study for real estate, financial and insurance examinations.

We also provide tips on how immigrants can make their stay in foreign countries enjoyable. And let’s not forget the most crucial part of immigrating anywhere; money! How to make it work for you, how to use it wisely. And more importantly, how one can keep every bit of it and bring it back home.

I’m sure we all know of immigrants who have been living in foreign countries for many years and still haven’t made any money there. They keep coming and going, and they’re always broke! So, we also provide tips on empowering yourself with better spending habits, so you don’t waste your money on useless stuff.

We do at Histoky Jobs to provide you with all the information you need to live life king size in foreign countries regardless of your status there. And it’s also not just for immigrants only! You don’t have to be an immigrant or refugee; anybody can learn something useful from us.

And that’s it! Be sure to check our website regularly for more updates, don’t forget that we also provide free lessons there.