“I want iPhone 15, Gold One” – Boy boldly walks into the phone store with ₦200, demands ₦100 Change (Watch)

In a lighthearted incident, a Nigerian boy brought joy and amusement as he entered a store with a comical statement expressing his desire to acquire an iPhone.

The humorous episode likely left those present with smiles and laughter, showcasing the boy’s playful and jovial spirit in his pursuit of the popular smartphone.

He said that he only had N200 with him. The seller humoured the boy and asked him to bring out the money.

The kid even had the confidence to say he wanted a gold one. What surprised those at the store was when he said he was only willing to part with N100 for the device.

The man gave him the iPhone so he could feel it for some seconds before taking it back.

Many Nigerians who were touched by the child’s innocence said they would get him a phone. His video was shared by @thonyperfect88.

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