Canadian Companies Hiring Licensed Nurses 2024

As a result of a labor shortage, nursing is among the most sought-after professions in Canada. Additionally, the shortage is anticipated to persist. There are numerous nursing employment opportunities for newcomers in cities throughout the nation. The function of registered nurses (RNs) in the Canadian healthcare system is crucial.

Having completed nursing education and practice in a foreign country probably satisfies a significant portion of the prerequisites for employment in Canada. Certification requirements for internationally educated nurses in Canada are established by the nursing associations in each province and territory.


Canada is renowned for its healthcare system of international caliber; however, the current shortage of nurses is not satisfactory. Several factors, including an aging population and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, are exacerbating this deficiency in healthcare services. As a consequence, Canadian hospitals and clinics are perpetually seeking licensed nurses from domestic and international locations.

Understanding Visa Sponsorship:

Canadian businesses sponsor visas for foreign workers, in this instance nurses, so they can obtain the necessary work permits to perform their duties in Canada. This funding could significantly facilitate the entry of licensed nurses into the country.

List of Canadian Companies Hiring Licensed Nurses:

Nurse Practitioners

The Espanola & Area Family Health Team Is An Interdisciplinary Group Of Allied Health Professionals Devoted To Expanding Access To A Variety Of healthcare care Services To Improve The Health Of People In And Around Espanola. The ideal candidates will have a comprehensive understanding of community health issues and will work in tandem with other primary care providers to enhance the well-being of patients who are utilizing the services of the family health team.

Active employee participation, ongoing training and development, and steadfast adherence to policy, procedure, and standard compliance will all contribute to the achievement of this objective. The Family Health Team in Espanola and the surrounding area is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to conducting barrier-free recruitment and selection procedures. If an employment opportunity is extended to you, kindly inform us if you require any type of accommodation.

We appreciate your inquiry. Approximately eighteen months will pass under the terms of this contract, which may be extended. All individuals who have been selected for an interview will be the sole recipients of communication. The aforementioned position shall remain vacant until occupied.

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  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Salary: $55.49-$62.65 Per Hour
  • Benefits: Employee Assistance Program
  • Schedule: Day Shift, Monday To Friday
  • Ability To Commute/Relocate: Espanola, ON: Reliably Commute Or Plan To Relocate Before Starting Work (Required)

Licensed Practical Nurse

At our 75-suite retirement community in Squamish, Park Place Seniors Living is currently seeking a LICENSED practical nurse (full-time permanent) to join our staff.

The LPN collaborates with the Interdisciplinary Team to use the nursing process, nursing knowledge, skills, and clinical judgment to perform assessments, plan, implement, and provide quality, person-centered care to residents according to the mission, vision, and values of PPSL.

In addition to PPSL Policies and Procedures, the LPN adheres to the Competency Guidelines and Full Scope of Practice as specified in the Practice Standards and Code of Ethics of the relevant Provincial Governing Body. An environment in which client care requirements are established and changes in health status are predictable fosters an LPN/RPN’s dedication to PPSL’s “Culture of Safety.”

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  • Resident vital signs, symptoms, and conditions should be monitored, reported, and documented; corrective health measures should be implemented as necessary. It is imperative to adhere to the prescribed nursing care techniques.
  • An assessment is conducted on the residents, and care plans are formulated, executed, assessed, and evaluated. Processes and executes physician orders; monitors the health of residents, noting any changes in condition and determining whether or not referrals to a physician are necessary.
  • Supervise and coordinate activities and functions associated with the care of residents, incorporating restorative and palliative care as required. Implements and interprets established policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Oversaw, planned, directed, supervised, and assessed the performance of the nursing and personal care personnel on the unit. Convey and instruct newly hired personnel, in addition to engaging in in-service training. Conducts performance evaluations and referrals for issues to the Director of Care.
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  • Graduation From A Recognized Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) / Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) Program
  • Experience: A minimum of one (1) year of recent related experience
  • Responsible for maintaining and proving active registration with the relevant provincial college:
  • Apply online. Salary depends on experience.
  • Only selected candidates will be contacted.
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $23.43-$32.98 per hour
  • Advantages: Extended healthcare
  • Need for flexible language: French is not required.
  • Schedule: 12-hour shift
  • Types of Additional Pay: Bonus Pay, Overtime pay
  • Relocation / Relocation Eligibility: Squamish, BC V8B 0S2: Travel reliably or plan relocation before starting work (required)
  • License/Certification: LPN/RPN (required)

Registered Nurse:

Please access the enrollment page via the link provided.

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  • Nurse-Registrant with Two Years of Experience
  • The candidate must have the capacity to function effectively within a multidisciplinary team, assisting each team member in their respective responsibilities.
  • Capacity for Interpersonal Communication
  • Precise Knowledge Of The Nursing Profession And Its Expanded Scope
  • Capability to enhance patient care services through the formation of strategic alliances with colleagues


  • The patients will be attended to by trained nurses.
  • Care provided by nurses must be organized, administered, and assessed.
  • Engage in the provision of therapeutic, diagnostic, and preventative healthcare.
  • Exercise prudence when attending to the requirements of patients.


  • The possession of a nursing diploma is mandatory.
  • A nursing bachelor’s degree is considered ideal.
  • Authorized by the College of Nurses of Ontario and in good standing with BLS and ACLS certifications.
  • Advantages include PALS, AED, NRP, TNCC, and IV Therapy Certification.
  • Certification in supplementary nursing competencies is mandatory, or the capacity to obtain it within a designated period.

Nurse Practitioner- Didsbury

We invite you, as a nurse practitioner, to become a member of Satori Health’s expanding, dynamic, and perpetually innovative staff! Assist Our Collaborative Healthcare Clinic Team In The Diagnosis, Treatment, And Management Of Acute And Chronic Illnesses Via Our Virtual Platform And In The Clinic.

We are currently looking for innovative professionals who possess a strong interest in delivering clinical care to patients throughout their entire lives by utilizing a variety of platforms.

Our mission is to provide all patients with coordinated and comprehensive care across the health spectrum.

We hold the belief that healthcare ought to be individualized and administered through diverse modalities. One size does not suit all when it comes to solutions. Our organization is a Canadian practitioner group that includes nurse practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals, and general practitioners; each of these individuals is an essential component of our interdisciplinary care team.

The nurse practitioner, functioning as an integral component of the care team, ought to possess the confidence to communicate and seek advice from physicians, in addition to conducting thorough evaluations, diagnoses, interventions, management, referrals, and assessments of patient care throughout the entire spectrum of health care services.

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  • Capability to operate independently and within the full extent of practice within a family practice clinic environment.
  • Collaborate with members of the attached care team during panel evaluations and care consultations.
  • Diagnostic and laboratory procedures require ordering and interpretation.
  • There are both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments available.
  • Available resources include education, guidance, coaching, and counseling about acute and chronic conditions.
  • Facilitate the patient’s access to and location of resources.

Benefits of Canadian Companies Hiring Licensed Nurses:

  • Managing Nursing Shortages: Similar to many other nations, Canada confronts a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, including registered nurses. Employing nurses with visa sponsorship enables organizations to address personnel shortages and preserve patient care standards.
  • Diverse Personnel: Hiring international nurses increases the diversity of the healthcare workforce. As nurses contribute unique perspectives and experiences to their work, this diversity can lead to a more culturally inclusive and patient-centered approach to care.
  • Improved Skill Groups: Canadian healthcare settings may benefit from the skills, knowledge, and clinical experiences of nurses with international experience. This can help improve patient outcomes and the quality of care as a whole.
  • Global Exemplary Methods: Foreign nurses may be exposed to a variety of healthcare systems and practices, allowing Canadian healthcare organizations to learn from and implement international best practices.
  • Reduced Personnel Expenses: Visa sponsorship enables Canadian healthcare organizations to access a global reservoir of nursing talent, which can be cost-effective in the long run, particularly when compared to the costs of extensive recruitment and training programs.
  • Enhanced Retention: Foreign nurses may experience a sense of gratitude and commitment for the opportunity to work in Canada if they are provided with visa sponsorship and support. This can increase their loyalty to the organization.
  • Community Involvement: Employing nurses with international training can assist healthcare organizations in establishing connections with diverse communities, which may lead to improved community engagement and relationships.
  • Conformity with Regulatory Requirements: Numerous healthcare facilities are required to maintain specific nurse-to-patient ratios and adhere to regulatory requirements. Employing nurses with international training can help assure compliance with these regulations.
  • Fostering Creativity: Internationally educated nurses can promote innovation and inventive problem-solving in the healthcare setting through their diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Global Collaborations: The establishment of international partnerships and collaborations for recruitment and visa sponsorship can result in mutually beneficial relationships between Canadian healthcare institutions and their international counterparts.


In summary, Canadian organizations are seeking competent nurses whose visas can be sponsored. This is an exceptional opportunity for nurses worldwide to begin a rewarding career in the thriving healthcare industry of Canada. You can achieve your professional objectives while simultaneously improving the health of Canadians if you possess the necessary abilities, resolve, and passion for nursing.

  1. How do I get a nursing job in Canada from Pakistan?

    Be currently registered as an RN in good standing in your home country.
    Have a minimum of 1125 hours of RN work experience within the past 4 years and 2 years of RN work experience within the past 6 years.

  2. Can I work in Canada with my RN license?

    Nursing is a regulatory occupation in Canada, and before you can work as a nurse, you must be licensed by your province or territory. Most provinces allow you to start the licensing process even before you arrive in the country.

  3. Where can a Canadian RN work?

    Examples include acute care hospitals, community health clinics, nursing homes, correctional services, home care, and mental health centers.