Couples finds N133M in a safe while fishing in Lake (Video)

Couples finds N133M in a safe while fishing in Lake (Video)

A New York couple, James Kane and Barbie Agostini, have garnered significant attention after discovering $100,000 in cash inside a safe they pulled from a lake while magnet fishing.

The couple had attached a neodymium magnet to a fishing rod, expecting to find typical metal objects, but instead, they pulled up a safe filled with cash.

In an interview with NY1, Kane shared, “We have found plenty of safes before, this is just what a magnet fisher does.”

Despite their surprising find, this isn’t the first time the couple has unearthed interesting items from the water. Over time, they have found jewelry pieces, watches, small pistols, and even old New York City subway tokens.

They mentioned that whenever they discover items potentially linked to criminal activities, they promptly contact the police to ensure they aren’t interfering with any ongoing investigations.

See more of their exploration below…….


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