Davido Confirms Traditional Wedding to Chioma, Set for June 25

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Nigerian music star Davido and his long-time partner Chioma Rowland have confirmed their plans to tie the knot in a traditional wedding ceremony set for June 25, 2024. The event will take place at Eko Hotel in Lagos, marking a significant milestone in their relationship, which has been closely followed by fans and media alike.

This news has generated a buzz on social media, with many expressing excitement and offering congratulations. The couple, who have twins together, have had a much-publicized relationship, with fans eagerly anticipating their formal union. The upcoming wedding is expected to be a grand affair, attended by family and friends, and is seen as an event that will strengthen family ties and celebrate their love.

Davido and Chioma’s journey to this point has been marked by both joyous and challenging moments. They secretly got married in November 2022 following the tragic death of their son. This private ceremony was conducted at Davido’s father’s house, and in January 2023, Davido completed the traditional rites by paying Chioma’s bride price in full in her hometown, Ezeala Odu, Imo State.

The choice of Eko Hotel as the venue has sparked mixed reactions, with some questioning why the ceremony is not taking place in Chioma’s father’s hometown. Despite this, many are looking forward to what promises to be one of the biggest weddings in Nigeria’s entertainment scene this year.

Davido has confirmed his marriage to Chioma in various interviews, often showcasing his wedding ring and expressing his happiness. The couple’s forthcoming traditional wedding will not only be a celebration of their enduring relationship but also a significant cultural event.

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Background and Relationship Journey

Davido, a globally renowned Nigerian singer, and Chioma, a chef and social media influencer, have been in the public eye since they began dating several years ago. Their relationship has been marked by significant milestones, including the birth of their son, Ifeanyi, and their subsequent engagement in 2019. Despite facing personal challenges, such as the tragic loss of their son in 2022, the couple has remained steadfast in their commitment to each other.

Previous Ceremonies and Traditional Rites

In the aftermath of their son’s death, Davido and Chioma opted for a private wedding ceremony in November 2022 at Davido’s father’s residence. This intimate event was attended by close family and friends, with no media presence allowed. In January 2023, Davido fulfilled the traditional rites by paying Chioma’s bride price in her hometown, Ezeala Odu, Imo State, further solidifying their bond.

Public Reactions and Anticipation

The announcement of their traditional wedding has elicited a range of reactions on social media. Many fans and well-wishers have expressed joy and excitement, viewing the upcoming event as a celebration of true love overcoming adversity. However, some have questioned the choice of Lagos as the venue instead of Chioma’s father’s hometown, sparking debates on the traditional customs versus modern preferences.

Event Details and Expectations

The wedding, set to be held at Eko Hotel, is expected to be one of the most high-profile events in Nigeria’s entertainment industry this year. Both families are reportedly thrilled, and the event is anticipated to attract a host of celebrities and dignitaries. The preparations suggest a lavish ceremony that will not only celebrate the couple’s love but also showcase Nigerian culture and traditions.

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Davido’s Commitment and Public Statements

Davido has been vocal about his commitment to Chioma in various interviews, often proudly displaying his wedding ring. He has described their relationship as a significant source of happiness in his life, reinforcing the sincerity of his commitment. The forthcoming traditional wedding is seen as a public affirmation of their love and dedication to building a future together.

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