“God is wonderful” – Nigerian woman delivers baby in her car while driving to hospital

A Nigerian woman sparked emotional reactions on social media as she delivered a baby in her car while driving herself to the hospital.

In the video, the lady was helped by some individuals believed to be nurses, who assisted her in safely delivering the baby while still in the car.

The lady sat comfortably in the driver’s seat as some individuals or a nurse, whose face wasn’t revealed, helped her deliver her baby.

Afterward, the baby was wrapped and gently laid down.

While full details regarding the birth of the baby and the circumstances surrounding the situation were not made known in the video, concerned individuals flooded the comment section, alleging that the lady gave birth in her car while on her way to the hospital.

See some reactions below:

usernotavailable: “oh i need to know why you was driving bae , congratulating tho you a trooper !!!”

Beautee’: “That has to be so scary driving yourself to the hospital so glad you and your baby are healthy congrats love.”

The K zone: “this was me on the 8.1.24 and i was literally 10 seconds away from the labor ward my baby immunization passport literally says born before arrival no time or place.”

Sierra: “You are a mf superhero girl! You was driving and y’all both safe? Women like you make me happy to have a daughter! I pray she ends up this.”

Riah: “You’re a strong momma had him in the car. May God continue to bless you.”

Aanyia jones: “Delivering behind the wild is wild u are so strong ✨✨congratulations he is a beautiful baby boy.”


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