Me and my husband are 48yrs old but we never knack for years- Woman cries out

Me and my husband are 48yrs old but we never knack for years- Woman cries out

A 48-year-old woman is seeking advice regarding her matrimonial home.

She and her husband, who is also 48, have one daughter currently in her first year at university.

She explained that they have faced and overcome tough times together, which has strengthened their bond.

However, she mentioned that they have not had s**xual intimacy for years, although they continue to show affection towards each other.

She wrote: “Dear Coleen …..”

“My husband I are both 48 and have one daughter, who’s in her first year at university, so we have an empty nest for the first time. Like all couples, we’ve had our struggles over the years – personal and financial – but, actually, the tough times always bonded us and made us closer and stronger as a couple.

“I’d say we’re soulmates, brilliant friends and really love each other. However, over the past couple of years we’ve gradually slipped into this pattern of not having sex and now it never happens and I think it would feel a bit awkward if it did.

“The thing is, I don’t think either of us is unhappy in the marriage, it’s just kind of how things have gone. He’s consumed by his job and my life is busy, too, but we still hug and show each other affection.

“But I can’t help thinking there might be problems down the line and that we should be having sex. I don’t talk to my friends much about sex, but it’s clear they’re all still having it.

“Are we too young to be in this place and can a marriage survive without sex? I’d love your opinion.”

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