My boyfriend is too stingy, He always split bills with me when we go on dates but when I go out with him I pay for his bills

My boyfriend is too stingy, He always split bills with me when we go on dates but when I go out with him I pay for his bills

A lady has turned to social media seeking advice about her boyfriend, whom she describes as stingy.

According to her, they have been dating for nine months, during which he insists on splitting bills. Even on dates, he never pays for her, and more often than not, she ends up using her card to pay for things for him.

She also shared that one of his friends taught him a method to make money, from which he earned $10,000. However, when she asked him to teach her the same method, especially since she is in debt, he was very reluctant and nagged a lot instead of helping her.

This situation has left her confused and questioning whether this relationship is fair and supportive. She is seeking advice on whether she should continue in the relationship or reconsider her options.

She wrote: “My boyfriend and I have been dating for nine months, and he’s been extremely calculative with everything. Even when he was courting me, he asked me out on a date and asked me to split the bill. I didn’t think anything of it initially because I believe that in a relationship everything needs to be equal; moreover, we are just students, so I just brushed it off.

However, I feel that there are things that he’s doing that are not normal. Like how every time he buys things for me using his card, he’ll type in his notes app, e.g., “McDonald’s ice cream $1,” and send me a screenshot of his notes app at the end of the day. There are times where I’ll pay him on the spot but is short of a few cents and he’ll ask me to e-transfer to him the few cents. It’s getting annoying because he’s never ever spent a single cent on me, and I’m not saying that a guy needs to spend on his girlfriend, but I “always pay for his stuff using my card too, and I don’t ask for money back.

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“Even though the both of us are students, he spends all of his free time gaming and going to the gym, while I get a part-time job and work during my weekends and breaks. I’m struggling financially as I just got a new puppy, and she has medical problems, leading me to lose $2,000 in less than a month. Yet I still pay for his food and buy him snacks and drinks. BTW, he is not struggling financially; his parents are millionaires, and he is receiving weekly pocket money from them.

“Another instance is when I spent $50+ on his birthday, and when he asked how much I spent, I told him the truth. He instantly rolled his eyes and said, “Now I have to spend the same amount for yours, it’s too much.” I just laughed it off and said that he doesn’t have to spend the same amount; just spend within his means, but he just sulked for the rest of the day.

“My last straw was when his friend shared with him a way of making money that involves buying game accounts and selling them for more. He earned around $10k from this, and when I asked him to teach me how, he refused because he’s scared that I’ll steal his customers.

“He’s aware that I am currently in debt, yet he refuses to help me at all. I honestly don’t see a future with him. He keeps telling me that when he starts working, he’ll spoil me, but there’s no way I’m going to believe him when he’s doing all that. I don’t know if he’ll change, I kept bringing up this problem to him and his reply is “you can’t expect me to treat you just because I’m a guy”. I don’t know if I should leave?

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My boyfriend is too stingy, He always split bills with me when we go on dates but when I go out with him I pay for his bills 3


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