Nigerian man reportedly denied visa for owing loan app N5k since 2020

Nigerian man reportedly denied visa for owing loan app N5k since 2020
  • An unpaid loan has reportedly cost a Nigerian man his visa as the immigration office has denied his application
  • According to a man who shared the story, the visa applicant got denied because his Bank Verification Number (BVN) showed he owes a loan app N5k since 2020
  • Mixed reactions have trailed the story as some people disputed the claim while others affirmed its possibility

A Nigerian man’s visa application has been denied after it was discovered he has been owing a loan app since 2020.

Leonard IB Marcus, who narrated the story, said the man owed a loan app N5k.

Leonard IB Marcus wrote:

“Someone’s Visa was denied all because his BVN shows he’s owing one loan app 5,000 naira since 2020.”

Explaining how one’s credit history can be ascertained, Leonard wrote:

“Some of you don’t know your BVN is literally your identity.

“You use it to borrow money from a licensed loan app and for some reason you didn’t meet up payment since 2020.

“And you applied to leave the country for Canada or America….. The rest is OYO.

“These people will write to Beareau de change and have your bvn blacklisted except you payoff that loan, you don’t know what awaits you.”

Recall that a Nigerian man was granted a US visa after he told the embassy he wanted to ride a bicycle abroad.

Nigerian man with N100m POF denied visa

Meanwhile, Histoky previously reported that Canada denied a Nigerian man a student visa after finding N100 million as his proof of funds.

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A TikTok user, @muvey10, narrated that a man in one of her groups opened up about being denied a Canadian study visa despite having N100 million as his proof of funds.

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In a TikTok video, the techie explained that visa application reviewers like storytelling and knocked the man for presenting N100 million as proof of funds for a study visa.