Swansea University 2024 International Postgraduate Research Excellence Scholarships

Are you an international student with aspirations of pursuing a PhD or Professional Doctorate at a renowned UK university? The Swansea University International Postgraduate Research Excellence Scholarships (SUIPRES) offer a fantastic opportunity to achieve your academic goals at Swansea University, one of the UK’s leading institutions.

Overview of the SUIPRES Scholarship

The SUIPRES scholarship is tailored for outstanding international PhD and Professional Doctorate candidates who demonstrate exceptional academic prowess and are subject to international tuition fees.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the SUIPRES, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Program Application: You must apply for an eligible PhD or Professional Doctorate program at Swansea University. For a complete list of eligible courses, click here.
  • Academic Requirements: You should have achieved or be expected to achieve a 1st class or upper second class (2:1) undergraduate degree, or a Distinction in a master’s degree from the UK or an equivalent international qualification.
  • International Fee Status: You must be classified as an international student for tuition fee purposes.

Additional Eligibility Considerations:

  • Current PhD/Professional Doctorate students or those transferring or returning are ineligible.
  • The scholarship is not applicable to Master’s level studies.
  • Candidates who are fully sponsored by a third party will not qualify for this scholarship.

Funding and Financial Information

The SUIPRES scholarship significantly reduces your financial burden by covering the difference between international and home tuition fees:

  • Tuition Fee Adjustment: Successful applicants will pay tuition fees at the UK rate, set at £4,786 for the 2024/25 academic year, subject to annual increases in line with UKRI regulations (typically around 3% per annum).
  • Scholarship Application: The scholarship amount will be automatically deducted from your tuition fees.
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Important Note: It’s crucial to ensure you have adequate funds to cover any remaining fees and living expenses throughout your study period.

Method of Application

Follow these steps to apply for this prestigious scholarship:

  1. Program Application: First, apply to an eligible PhD or Professional Doctorate program at Swansea University. You can find the list of eligible programs here.
  2. Indicate Scholarship Interest: Express your interest in the SUIPRES scholarship during your program application.
  3. Supporting Statement: Include a supporting statement detailing your academic achievements, any prizes, outreach activities, teaching experience, and other relevant activities.

 Click Here to Apply

Application Deadline: 15th July 2024.

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